Love life, live yoga: Retreat stay at the Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community

 Flexible arrival dates available all year round

Enjoy flexible and affordable retreats with yoga, meditation, massages, life coaching and delicious vegetarian food. 

About our retreats

  • Immerse yourself in a fascinating, vibrant community of about 75 yogis, travellers and spiritual seekers on an eco farm between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast

  • Nourish your soul and experience a healthy, sustainable, spiritually based lifestyle

  • Learn about yoga in a holistic way, including postures, philosophy, kirtan, personal development and delicious vegetarian food

  • Live and breathe the spirit of Bhakti Culture - the yoga of love.

  • Take long walks in solitude around the farm, or meet people of all ages and from all around the world. Enjoy inspiring conversations around the camp fire.

  • Feel vibrantly alive and healthy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level

  • If you are curious, visit our beautiful Radha Govardhandhari temple and learn about the spiritual basis of our 'simple living, high thinking' philosophy.


The Krishna Village experience

As a permanent eco yoga community, we provide classes ongoingly for all guests, taught by a variety of teachers. The recommended arrival day is Monday, when we run an 11am Welcome Tour for all new arrivals and introduce you to our program, our vision and our way of life. 

To get a general idea about our program, please have a look at our activities overview. At the moment we are running yoga classes 2x/day (early morning and afternoon) as well as Yogic Living classes on Sun-Fri at 12:30pm, which encompass a broad variety of topics around a healthy yoga lifestyle, like philosophy, meditation, ayurveda, life coaching etc.. Many of them are the 'best of' parts of our Yoga Teacher Training curriculum, made available for all guests - like on this example schedule.

You can come and join us for a month, a week, or just a few days. Kids are most welcome, but need to be supervised by their parents at all times. To see if this experience is for you, read our FAQ for Retreat Guests and have a look at our Code of Conduct. If you are dealing with any physical or mental health issues, please also check our Are you ready page to make sure this is a suitable place for you. Read More

Best Yoga Courses In Byron Bay, NSW

Are you interested in taking a yoga course in Byron Bay (or in its even more beautiful hinterland) to learn more about this ancient holistic practice? Perhaps you live at the Gold Coast and want to pursue a fulfilling career by becoming a yoga instructor? If so, Krishna Village has the best yoga courses available for you – whether you are looking to kick-start or deepen your personal practice or pursue a career as a teacher.

Why You Need Yoga Courses

Yoga isn’t something you can pick up by watching YouTube videos. The yogic body of knowledge has been developed and practiced in India for thousands of years. Yoga comprises a whole range of physical, mental and spiritual practices with asanas (body postures) only being the most commonly known and practiced element. Combined, they form a complete body of knowledge that addresses health, wellbeing and spiritual connection in a sustainable and holistic way.

In our modern world, yoga is an amazing practice to help us cope with so many different problems – but you will only experience the full benefits if you understand the practice correctly.

The Yoga Courses We Offer

If you are looking to do yoga courses in NSW, you have the following options to choose from here at Krishna Village:

Daily yoga classes – We have two daily yoga sessions: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Our yoga sessions are well suited for beginners and options are provided for advanced students. The main style is Vinyasa Flow but we also provide occasional restorative, yin or partner yoga classes and 5-rhythm dance meditations.

Yoga teacher training 200 hrs – With this 6-week immersion course you can become a certified yoga instructor. You will be living and training full time at the Krishna Village eco yoga community, participate in daily training sessions and enjoy 3 daily vegetarian meals per day. During this 200-hour training program, you will start giving yoga classes to our guests within two weeks of your training start, so by the time you leave you don’t only hold a certificate on a piece of paper, but have gained invaluable teaching experience along the way.

Yoga teacher training 300 hrs – Our Level 2 Vinyasa yoga teacher training program is perfect for yoga instructors who want to perfect their skills. This 5-week immersion program that is designed to deepen your understanding and experience of teaching and your personal sadhana and is available for teachers with a minimum of 50 hours of teaching experience.

The yoga of birth – Pregnant women, yoga teachers and doulas are invited to enrol in this course and get training on yoga and pregnancy, labour, and post-natal practices. The course itself runs for four days at Krishna Village and – if homework is completed by certified yoga teachers – can be applied as 85 hours of accredited professional training with Yoga Alliance or 50 hours of accredited training with Yoga Australia.

Our yoga courses are a special treat for everyone who loves the rolling green hills of the Northern Rivers region between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, Australia. Our retreat centre is situated in the magical foothills of Mount Warning, right in the scenic landscape of the Tweed Caldera. Truly a piece of paradise!

The Best Yoga Courses In NSW For Your Future

Yoga courses are great for anyone who loves this gentle, nurturing practice and they are especially recommended for those who want to make a career out of their passion.

Here are just a few good reasons to take a yoga course now:

  • Spiritual growth
  • Great for healthy living
  • You can earn an income from your passion
  • You can start your own business
  • Taking a yoga course in NSW is great fun and there are plenty of amazing activities to enjoy while you complete your course

The Key Benefits of Our Yoga Courses

The best yoga courses are those which help students to grow not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Yoga offers practitioners a way to connect with themselves on a deeper level and live a more fulfilling and conscious life.

If you are considering enrolling in one of our courses and you want to know more about the benefits that you can look forward to experiencing, here is a closer look at just a few of the reasons that you might want to join us.

Open to Every Level

You don’t have to have a pre-determined level of yoga before joining our courses. We welcome anyone, whether you are an absolute beginner or somebody with formal training. We want to ensure that every person who stays with us gets the best experience possible and leaves inspired and enriched.

Meet New People

Yoga attracts truly fascinating people who are on a journey of self-discovery, and it can be a powerful thing to surround yourself with people who have a similar mindset. Exploring together, you will be able to share and learn in a way that helps you to connect and think in innovative ways.

By joining our courses, you will meet fantastic people and forge lasting relationships based upon fundamental connections. You will find that people are friendly, and we work to ensure that everyone is as comfortable and open as possible.

Improve Your Health

Of course, yoga can help you make more conscious decisions for your health and wellbeing. By helping you to look inward, yoga helps you to realise a deeper connection to your body and the way that it serves you throughout your life. You deserve to be happy and at ease in your own body.

By being in control of your movement and breath, you will naturally be more confident and comfortable, thus helping you to strengthen your mind and mental fortitude.

Be Part of a Community

As mentioned earlier, yoga brings you together with people who share the same passions and aspirations as you. You will forge lasting friendships and become part of a wider community. Wherever you are in the world, you will always be able to find a yoga class and know that like-minded people are close to you. Our courses equip you with skills and understanding that you can use no matter where you are in the world.

Becoming a part of the yoga community is a life-changing opportunity, and might even inspire you to reorient your career and pursue teaching qualifications.

If you are interested in any of our courses, please have a look at our course calendar  or contact us to find out more.


Krishna Village is NSW's best yoga retreat for people looking to relax & recharge. We offer yoga teacher training for visitors who want to become yoga instructors. If you are looking for a retreat, we offer yoga classes, meditation and spiritual retreats to help you relax. Enquire online or call us to learn more.

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Example retreat schedule

05:00 - Gentle morning yoga class

08:30 - Breakfast 

08:30 - Time for bush walks, day trips or wellness treatments

12:30 - Lunch

13:30 - Kirtan (Mantra meditation)

14:00 - Yogic Living Class (Life coaching, Ayurveda, Philosophy or else)

16:00 - Energetic afternoon yoga class

18:00 - Dinner

19:00 - Evening class (Varying topics, 2-3 times/week)

21:00 - Curfew / quiet time



Located between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, the Krishna Village can host up to 75 people in a combination of rooms, dorms and camping spots. There are usually around 25 full time volunteers who work in our organic gardens and maintain the grounds, 15-20 Yoga Teacher trainees, 10 long term community members and 15-25 retreat guests and Karma Yogis.

All rooms have shared amenities. The amenities block includes showers, toilets and a coin operated laundry (byo laundry powder).

Common areas include the kitchen & campfire area (the heart of the Krishna Village), the reading room (with Internet hotspot) and the yoga hall where we gather for classes.

Single, double and twin share rooms

The Krishna Village has 2 double rooms (one big bed), 4 twin shares (bunk bed) and 11 single rooms. They are all set in former shipping containers that have been renovated and turned into simple but comfortable accommodation. Bedding is being provided, but you need to bring your own towels and toiletries.

Camp ground

Set among beautiful mango and lychee trees in our eastern garden, our camp ground can host up to 20 tents and 5 camper vans. The area for the vans is equipped with electricity. The amenities block is only 50m away. 


Cost & payment

The 2018 rates for our retreat stays incl. 3 meals/day and accommodation are:

Camping: $50/night or $320/week (for couples: $85/night or $560/week)

In twin share or double room, per person: $70/night ($90 on weekend nights) or $450/week

In a single room: $90/night ($110 on weekend nights) or $620/week

In double room, single occupancy: $110/night ($150 on weekend nights) or $750/week


Booking steps

1) Before you book, please read our terms and conditions including our refund policy. 

2) Select your preferred start date (Sun-Fri, not Sat!!). 

3) Make sure that the correct amount of nights is selected

4) Book, pay and receive a confirmation from us within minutes

We recommend to stay for 7 nights, but you can choose to book in for a shorter getaway

Delicious Vegetarian Food

The Krishna Farm has been producing organic veggies since the 1980s and has therefore fantastic conditions to grow excellent produce. We grow as much of our own food as we can, and otherwise buy locally wherever possible. 

We provide 3 delicious vegetarian meals every day, with lunches taking place at the Krishna Village community kitchen, and breakfast and dinners - mostly Indian style - served at the prasadam hall, next to the temple. 

All our food is prasadam - sacred food prepared in a consciousness of loving service and offered to our deities before we eat. Like in other cultures, we offer our food to say Grace and thank the Divine for the sun, the rain, and all the visible and invisible blessings necessary to co-create a delicious meal. Feel free to sing along with us, or just listen and enjoy... 

The Krishna Farm

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Warning, in the heart of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, the Hare Krishna farm “New Govardhana” is a 1000 acre property with orchards, certified organic veggie gardens, cows, horses, streams and swimming holes in abundance. 

New Govardhana serves as an ashram to a community of yogis who aspire to live according to their deepest vows and commitments on their path of service, spiritual contentment and happiness, Bhakti Yoga. Their service and dedication make this location a beautiful place of growth, healing and spiritual awakening. If you are interested, please come along and visit our beautiful Radha Govardhandhari temple. 


Things to do

  • Enjoy the yoga classes

  • Expand your horizon with Yogic Living classes

  • Treat yourself to a massage, life coaching or reiki session

  • Visit the cows and help milking

  • Swim in the river

  • Meditate near the 'Manasi Ganga' lake

  • Cleanse your body with delicious Jeeva Juice

  • Explore the vibrant cafe and art scene in Murwillumbah

  • Visit the Tweed Regional Gallery and the Margaret Olley Art Centre

  • Enjoy a trip to Tyalgum (15mins away) with its cute cafe and shops and marvellous Caldera views

  • Head to the beach (30-minute drive to Cabarita)

  • Hike up Mount Warning (15-minute drive) and visit the lovely Rainforest Cafe on the way

  • Visit Springbrook National Park (30-minute drive)



I went on a one week retreat expecting to do some yoga and relax. What I got was a profound spiritual awakening , on a piece of property that could be the garden of Eden. The retreat sits just at the bottom of the majestic mountain which houses the temple. With fruit and nut trees scattered all of the property one can never go hungry. We were fed 3 vegetarian meals a day that were lovingly prepared and delicious even for the most avid meat lover. The rooms were clean and fresh. Simple and rustic making me wonder what more could one need to live in bliss. What is really special about this place is how you are welcomed and embraced into a family of strangers who work together to create the absolute haven. The yoga and meditation were on another level that words could not describe. I will be back many times to this garden of eden as amongst strangers. I have never felt more at home.
— Review by Candice P.: “Life Changing!”
I came for a one week yoga retreat to get away from city life. All the staff were really friendly and had a great warmth to them. The yoga teachers were the most advanced I’d met and had a wealth of experience in all kinds of different yogic styles. I learnt a great deal even from just a few classes. I really enjoyed the location (Yoga village) being on the cusp of rain forest and the sounds of the beautiful birds in the morning. The surrounding farmlands and friendly cows also added so much to the experience. The food was also amazing and I came out of it feeling as light as a feather.
— Review by Ben W: “Great relaxing retreat!”
The spirit of the land here is tangible; a calmness, peace, and feeling of ultimate goodness pervades the atmosphere, and seeps onto your bones.This is a place where the radiant, abundant nature of life is beautifully expressed, in all it’s beauty and simplicity.The perfect place to leave the world behind and come home to yourself.You can heal yourself.
— Review by Lili from Melbourne

What’s included

  • Accommodation

  • Daily yoga classes

  • Yogic Living classes

  • Temple program and meditation

  • Three delicious vegetarian meals daily

Additional options

  • Internet access

  • Fresh Jeeva Juice

  • Massage / Reiki healing

  • Private life coaching

  • Transport to and from Krishna Village

  • Travel insurance

Meet the Teachers

We have a variety of in-house teachers and guest facilitators to keep our schedule interesting and varied. Here are a few faces you are most likely to meet:

Michael  - Senior Yoga teacher

Michael - Senior Yoga teacher

Michael  - Philosophy Teacher

Michael - Philosophy Teacher

Mansi - Energy work / healing

Mansi - Energy work / healing

In addition, some classes are taught by our yoga teacher trainees, and by travelling yogis who hold appropriate certifications.

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