The Krishna Village is a beautiful space to relax, heal, rejuvenate, connect to yourself and experience your spirituality. As a guest of our community please respect our path of Bhakti yoga, which aims at maintaining a healthy and clean body and mind to allow for and enhance spiritual practice.


Vegetarianism - no meat, fish and eggs

One principle most Eastern philosophies have in common is "ahimsa", or non-violence towards all living entities. This is why you won't find any meat, fish and eggs here, and why we also avoid animal products like gelatine, animal fats etc.

Thanks in advance for not bringing any meat, fish or egg products to the farm and living a vegetarian lifestyle for the length of your stay.


No drugs, alcohol and cigarettes - your body is the temple of your soul

The Hare Krishna philosophy places emphasis on health and wellness, as these are conducive to opening up your body, mind and soul for spiritual practice and higher thinking. Thus, intoxicants (drugs, alcohol, nicotine etc.) are not acceptable on our farm, neither in public nor in private. This rule is strictly enforced - in this regard we follow a zero tolerance policy.

Please make sure to completely abstain from intoxication on and off the property during your stay.


Cleanliness and serenity - a clean environment and body support a healthy mind

Our community values cleanliness and the resulting positive energy very highly. Therefore, we show each other respect by maintaining cleanliness at all times, in personal hygiene as well as our rooms, verandahs, camp ground, yoga hall and the other common areas. On the same note, please be mindful about noise levels: Feel free to listen to your own music - but for non-yogic soundtracks, please use head phones.

Between 9pm and 8:30am we remain silent in our rooms, in the camp ground, community kitchen and reading room. You are welcome to take your conversations to the yoga hall. 

We are a yoga community and retreat centre, so please dress in a respectable and modest way. Walking around bare-chested, or in overly sensual dress is not appropriate.

Please help us maintain a clean, peaceful and uplifting atmosphere.


The temple and meals area - our sacred space

  • Please take off your shoes at the temple, meals area (prasadam hall) and shop

  • Please wash your hands, mouth and plates before and after every meal

  • When eating prasadam (sacred food that's been offered at the temple), please wait to be served. The prasadam hall isn't a self-service area. Only if it's late and nobody is there to give you food should you go and serve yourself, after having washed your hands.

  • If you wish to serve prasadam to the community, which we welcome and encourage, please wash your hands and mouth immediately before serving. Serving spoons may not touch plates, otherwise they are considered unclean and need to be washed again.

  • Around the temple, we avoid distracting our minds by attracting the opposite sex. Please enter this space appropriately dressed: Legs covered to your knees at least, shoulders and back covered (T-Shirt or scarf) and no showing off your male/female attributes. If you are coming with your partner, please avoid open flirting and cuddles in the temple area.

The temple area is a space of meditation and communion with the Divine. Please respect your surroundings and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. To find out more, you can read our page about Bhakti Yoga practices at the Krishna Farm.


Classes, service and other activities - you are welcome!

Every day, we offer plenty of activities at our yoga hall as well as the temple - and you are most welcome to join whichever ones you are interested in. Enjoy yourself, experience, learn, and by all means feel free to ask questions and discuss.

We respect your views and are happy to share ours!


Please note: We start our work day at 6:15am. Silent time at night begins at 9pm.


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