Simple living, high thinking

“May all people be welcomed to experience the original spiritual practice of simple living & higher thinking.”

As an eco yoga community set on an organic farm, the Krishna Village endeavors to provide the blueprint for an simple, mindful, spiritually based lifestyle. Drawing on the timeless wisdom of the ancient Vedas, we have created an authentic and supportive space to explore the science of self-realization - populated by a beautiful community of retreat guests, volunteers, and spiritual seekers from all over the world who have come together in the spirit of co-creation to share their unique ideas and talents. 

By allowing our guests to share in this experience, we propagate a wholesome (in Sanskrit: sattvic) and sustainable social environment that encourages the pursuit of personal and spiritual growth, leading towards a joyous and loving state of mind beneficial for all living beings.

The retreat space and volunteer community overlap harmoniously, giving all our guests equal opportunity to access the vibrant spiritual centre that is the heart of Krishna Village. As a collective, our highest goal is to empower each other to create lasting change in the world by sharing our personal transformation with others.


Society in the west is becoming increasingly disconnected - more and more of us live in the paradoxical isolation of big towns and cities, suffering from stress, depression and lifestyle disease. In response, people from all walks of life are awakening to the need for a return to nature. They are yearning to be reminded of the happiness in simple experiences, like feeling the grass under their bare feet, digging their hands into fresh soil or sitting with friends around a campfire under the stars. 

At the Krishna Village, we have cultivated a space that brings us back to nature and allows all those who stay with us the time to disconnect from the outside world, reconnect to themselves and experience the moments that re-evaluate their life and purpose.

To support you, we invite you to experience:

  • The simplicity of life on an organic farm

  • A delicious vegetarian diet

  • Daily yoga and kirtan sessions

  • Vedic Philosophy and Yogic Living classes

  • Personal growth through meditation and self-development classes

  • A peaceful and deeply spiritual temple atmosphere

  • The joy of vibrant and diverse community living

  • An authentic insight into the Bhakti Yoga lifestyle

Rather than providing a strictly scheduled retreat program, we host a continuous and diverse range of daily classes and activities as well as a series of courses and trainings from which our guests can pick and choose. Thus, we provide the framework for each individual who stays with us to tailor their own unique experience at Krishna Village. So get ready to slow down, connect to yourself and experience the sattvic way of life!

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