Wild Wellness Women’s Retreat - Welcome and Course Schedule

Dear Wild Woman,

Welcome. I’m so excited to share this upcoming journey with you and so grateful that you've dedicated some time for deep feminine expansion + connection.

Together, we will connect to the divine feminine as we explore daily practice through ancient wisdom + inner medicine. We’ll Spend three and a half days diving deep into a range of powerful practices including yoga, mantra, meditation, breath-work and Ayurvedic self-care for Women. We will also study some important works of Woman’s Mythology, the Radiance Sutras and participate in our own storytelling though journaling and manifestation practices. Via this retreat you will be inspired to design your own daily practice from the modalities that resonate most with you so that you may connect to your heart daily, live embodied + re-enter conversation with your most wild & wise self, Woman. 

It is a potent and ancient practice for Women to gather and create a space for healing and expansion ~ I have chosen Krishna Village for this retreat to take place as I have experienced my own growth and healing here many times over the past few years. 

Krishna Village, according to the Indigenous peoples of Australia, is situated on healing land, The Bhakti Yogis that live here are dedicated to deep devotion + spiritual connection ~ and I’m so excited for you to experience this way of living so closely. We’ll be eating in a communal setting, sharing food, intentions and our voices. 

Please note that our official program starts at 7pm on day one, although you can arrive earlier if you wish to attend the optional items on the schedule, and you’ll want to arrive before 5pm for check-in.

I am feeling very blessed that you’ve decided to join me and can not wait to meet you!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on herwildwellness@gmail.com

Love + Light,



You can contact Denise for questions via email: herwildwellness@gmail.com

What to bring


Cushions or Small camping chair (if sitting on the floor for a long time will be bothersome) 

*It will be the middle of summer so please pack accordingly (sunscreen / hat / water bottle / light comfortable clothes, etc. )

Toiletries / towel

$20 cash for pizza night (optional)


Arrival day - Thursday

From 10:00am - Check-in

12:30pm - Lunch

4:15pm - Sunrise Yoga led by Krishna Village Instructor (optional)

6:00pm - Dinner

7:00pm - Opening Circle: Women’s Mythology, What is ‘Sadhana’, Story Share

9:00pm - Quiet time

Day 2 - Friday

5:00am - Sunrise yoga led by Krishna Village Instructor (optional)

7:30am - Yoga Practice with Denise

8:30am - Breakfast

9:30am - Heart Opening Meditation, Intention Setting, Manifestation and Journaling Practice

12:30pm - Lunch

2:00pm - [Learn] The Powerful Practice of Mantra

4:15pm - Sunset yoga led by Krishna Village Instructor (optional)

6:00pm - Dinner/Pizza Night

9:00pm - Quiet time

Day 3 - Saturday

7:30am - Yoga Practice with Denise

8:30am - Breakfast

9:30am - [Learn] Ayurvedic Daily Practice and Self-care for Women, Mensural/Moon Cycle Practice. Hormone & Breast Health, Healing herbs

12:30pm - Lunch

2:00pm - [Learn] Principles and Practices of Food according to Ayurveda; [Practice] Making food

4:15pm - Sunset Yoga led by Krishna Village Instructor (optional)

6:00pm - Dinner

9:00pm - Quiet Time

Day 4 - Sunday

5:00am - Sunrise Yoga led by Krishna Village Instructor (optional)

8:30am - Breakfast

9:15am - Check-out for Room Bookings

9:30am [Learn] Study of the Radiance Sutras + Discussion on Connecting to Divine Feminine/Spirit/Mother Consciousness; [Practice] Pranayama (Breath Work)

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Goddess Practices {Shakti}, Free Dance, Journaling

3:00pm - Closing Circle

5:00pm - Sunday Feast at the Temple (optional)

6:00pm - Kirtan at temple (optional)

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