50 Hour Yin Yoga Training

6 Day Yin Yoga Immersion for Teachers and Practitioners

Next available course: 17-23 April 2020

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Yin Yoga is medicine for the modern world. As we attempt to find balance in our fast-paced lives, the chance to sink into stillness, to connect to our centre and truly relax, is a potent practice.

Our immersive Yin Yoga course with Lise is an inspiring program that will empower you to teach and share the healing practice of Yin Yoga. The course is designed to provide a foundation for teaching Yin Yoga skillfully, with compassion and awareness.

Benefits of Yin Yoga include increased mindfulness, releasing blockages, improved energy flow, deeper levels of release, connection to self, and improved physical and mental wellbeing.

Discover the deep healing power of Yin Yoga

This course is Yoga Alliance accredited. If you are a certified yoga teacher, you can use the credits for your Continuing Education (CE) Requirements to maintain your accreditation.

This course is Yoga Alliance accredited. If you are a certified yoga teacher, you can use the credits for your Continuing Education (CE) Requirements to maintain your accreditation.

Yin Yoga is a highly mindful style of yoga practice where postures are practiced on the floor in a static way for an extended period of time. In this style, we position our body in a particular pose and then let go of the deeper muscular activity and surrender it to the floor for gravity to do the work. By doing so we relax our muscles and apply moderate stress to the deepest layers of connective tissues of the body -tendons, fascia, and ligaments- improving the health and mobility of joints. While in these poses we can begin to calm the mind and allow a deeper connection to Self, heart and mindfulness.

Who is this course for?

  • Yoga teachers who wish to offer yin yoga classes

  • Experienced yoga instructors looking for ongoing training

  • New instructors looking for guidance and support

  • Students who love yin yoga and wish to know more about the practice

Meet your teachers


Lise Okkerse (lead teacher) discovered her love for yoga while traveling the world. She has been a part of the Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community since beginning of 2017 and completed her Yoga Teacher Trainings Level I (200hrs) and II (300hrs) at Krishna Village. Due to her passion for Yin Yoga, Lise completed her 50hr Yin Yoga training with Sukha Mukha in Sydney in November 2018. She also recently completed a 20hr Yoga for Mental Health Course.

Along with being one of the most popular yoga instructors at Krishna Village, Lise also assists on our Yoga Teacher Trainings and serves as a mentor and friend to her students. She is passionate about connecting with her students emotionally, physically and spiritually, and knows that a profound yoga class has a deeply healing and regenerative effect - not only on the body, but also on the mind.


Michael 'Laxmivan' (guest teacher) began his yoga journey at the age of 20 when he left his profession as a studio musician and joined a Bhakti Yoga Monastery. For the next 10 years he travelled Australia, New Zealand and India as a celibate monk, daily studying the traditional yogic canons and engaging in strict daily yogic sadhana.  Then after another 6 years as a traditional Vedic (Hindu) priest, he took an interest in the more physical aspects of yoga. He successfully completed a 3-year diploma course with Satyananda Yoga before finally finding his passion with Power Vinyasa. He occasionally teaches Yin Yoga as well. He’s been certified by Baron Baptiste, became certified with Anti Gravity level 2, founded one of Australia’s most successful regional yoga studios, and has helped pioneer, develop and facilitate teacher training programs in Australia. As a teacher trainer, Michael brings great integrity and depth, forged by more than 31 years of strict, yet joyful daily practice. His teaching is full of compassion, humour and authenticity, with a deep respect for tradition.


Maria Kirsten (guest teacher), MA, eRYT500, found yoga in 1988, and has been teaching beginner's yoga in Lennox Head since 2000.  Originally from New York, Maria started her working life at a secondary school English teacher. Certified originally by Yogalates, Maria has continued to study anatomy, yoga therapy and is finishing her qualification to be an Occupational Therapist. Her classes are based on functional movement, and are very visual and fun.

As a lecturer for yoga anatomy, Maria's mission is to prepare new teachers to teach safe classes that support the individuality and radiance of each of their students. Her work is all about how to make the powerful poses and practices of yoga safe, simple and accessible to all.  


Johnathon Dao MD(AM) (guest teacher) has been in clinical practice and involved in the healing arts for 26 years. He received a degree in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, which included Shiatsu and other forms of bodywork, at the Australian Academy of Natural Therapies on the Gold Coast. After practicing in Europe (Finland & Switzerland) for several years, Jonathan was lead to study Qigong & Yoga, culminating in a 10 year permanent stint in India running an acupuncture clinic & school. While in India, he also studied Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and other sacred healing arts. He attained his MD(AM) doctor of alternative medical sciences under the guidance of India and Sri Lanka's most experienced alternative medical doctors, and his clients included some of Bollywood's biggest stars.

The curriculum

This 6 day Yin Yoga Training has been created for both yoga teachers and practitioners. You will gain a toolbox of resources so that you can add Yin Yoga to your teaching skill set and personal practice. This course explores the philosophy of yin yang theory, traditional Chinese Medicine as it relates to the organs and elements, mindfulness meditation and the role of a slow, soft practice. Over 6 days we will cover:


Yin & Yang as a map of relativity. What makes something yin or yang? Where does that occur in the body mind. Where does that occur in nature. microcosm/macrocosm. 


Learn and map the main meridians of the energy body according to TCM.  


How does energy behave in a way that we might have observed in nature? With the 5 element theory we can learn our unique constitution and how we might balance the individual in relation to the seasons. 


Within the body map we have many different terrains. Explore muscles, organs, connective tissues, bones, fluids, cells. How these systems come together as a whole body community and which practices nourish which systems.  


Where attention goes Qi flows, how important is the intentionality of our practices - whether we are physically challenged or actively resting. 


The framework of how to create meaningful sequences by clarifying your unique intention for not only 1 class but all of your classes. 

Course Content:

  • Learn to teach 20 Yin Yoga poses, safely and confidently

  • Yin intentions and principles

  • Physical and energetic theory and benefits of Yin Yoga asanas

  • Meridians of the body and how to develop themed classes

  • Sequencing, adjusting and use of props for Yin Yoga

  • Modifications and Safety in Yin Yoga, including the use of props and supports

  • Anatomy of the Subtle Body (chi, meridians)

  • Sequencing in Yin Yoga, adjusting and use of props for Yin Yoga (including different body types, ages, injuries and class types)

  • Organs and Meridian Health (using yin yoga to affect specific organs and meridians)

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) for relaxation and awaking the energy body

  • Establishing a supportive home practice/daily sadhana

Accreditation: Overall 50 hours CPD contact hours that can count towards 350 hours or 500 hours accreditation with Yoga Alliance. To get accreditation you must have done 200 hours of yoga teacher training.

Required course materials: ‘Insight Yoga’ by Sarah Powers & comprehensive manual (both included in cost of the course)

Before booking, please have a look at our Code of Conduct. If you are dealing with any physical or mental health issues, please also check our Are you ready page.

Example day

5:00am - Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga (optional)

6:30am - Yin Yoga class with Lise

8:30am - Breakfast

9:30am - Session 1: Yin Yoga Asana Lab

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Kirtan

2:00pm - Session 2: Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine (includes Q&A with Chinese Medicine Doctor)

4:15pm - Vinyasa Asana Class (optional)

6:00pm - Dinner

7:00pm - Guided Meditation with Breathwork

For more details, please have a look at Lise’s Personal Welcome and Course Overview


Upcoming dates

17-23 April 2020 (early bird rate until 16 March 2020)

Please note: Your arrival morning is set aside for travel, check-in and familiarising yourself with the environment. The official course start is the Welcome Circle with Lise at 7pm.

Cost & payment

The rates for the course incl. 3 meals/day, optional yoga classes and 6 nights accommodation are:

Without accommodation: AU$1100 - early bird rate: AU$950

Camping: AU$1400 - early bird rate: AU$1250

Twin share accommodation: AU$1550 - early bird rate: AU$1400

Single room: AU$1700 - early bird rate: AU$1550

Double room: AU$1800 - early bird rate: AU$1650


Before you book, please read our terms and conditions including our refund policy. 

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Booking steps

1) Click button to select your preferred start date on our booking page.

2) On the booking page, select your accommodation type.

3) If you prefer to pay in several rates, please select "Paying in instalments" in the additional options (+ $50) and pay a 20% deposit + 4 instalments (monthly or fortnightly, as required to complete payment before arrival).

Venue and Accommodation

Krishna Village is located on a beautiful organic farm in the scenic foothills of Mt. Warning, half way between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. Closest town is Murwillumbah, and the nearest airport Coolangatta (the Gold Coast airport).

We can host up to 85 people in a combination of rooms, dorms and camping spots. There are usually around 30 full time volunteers who work in our organic gardens and maintain the grounds, 15-20 retreat guests or Karma Yogis and up to 40 course participants on a variety of courses that may run parallel in our different teaching venues.

All rooms have shared amenities. The amenities blocks include showers, toilets and a coin operated laundry (byo laundry powder).

Common areas include the kitchen & campfire area (the heart of the Krishna Village), the reading room (with Internet hotspot) and the yoga hall where we gather for classes. 

Single, twin share & double rooms in our refurbished shipping containers

The Krishna Village offers 3 double rooms (1 big bed), 4 twin share rooms (bunk bed) and 11 single rooms in former shipping containers. They have been renovated and turned into simple but comfortable accommodation, each with a beautiful wooden verandah, shared by 3 or 4 adjacent rooms. Bedding is being provided. 


Set among beautiful mango and lychee trees in our eastern garden, our camp ground can host up to 20 tents and 5 camper vans. The area for the vans is equipped with electricity. The amenities block is only 50m away.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.39.27 am.png

Delicious Vegetarian Food

The Krishna Farm has been producing organic veggies since the 1980s and has therefore fantastic conditions to grow excellent produce. We grow as much of our own food as we can, and otherwise buy locally wherever possible. 

We provide 3 delicious vegetarian meals every day, with lunches taking place at the Krishna Village community kitchen, and breakfast and dinners - mostly Indian style - served at the prasadam hall, next to the temple. 

All our food is prasadam - sacred food prepared in a consciousness of loving service. Like in other cultures, we offer our food before we eat to say Grace and thank the Divine for the sun, the rain, and all the visible and invisible blessings necessary to co-create a delicious meal. Feel free to sing along with us, or just listen and enjoy...

The Krishna Farm

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Warning, in the heart of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, the Krishna Farm “New Govardhana” is a 1000 acre property with orchards, certified organic veggie gardens, cows, horses, streams and swimming holes in abundance. 

New Govardhana serves as an ashram to a community of yogis who aspire to live according to their deepest vows and commitments on their path of service, spiritual contentment and happiness, Bhakti Yoga. Their service and dedication make this location a beautiful place of growth, healing and spiritual awakening. If you are interested, please come along and visit our beautiful Radha Govardhandhari temple. 

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