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About Krishna Farm Tours

Since 1977, the Krishna Farm 'New Govardhana' in Eungella has been a key ingredient to the eclectic cultural mix of spiritual seekers, farmers and hippies that populate the famous Tweed Valley Caldera in New South Wales' Northern Rivers region. With its stunning natural beauty, serene temple community, Sacred Cows and thriving organic gardens and orchards, this magical place is an ideal setting for a day visit or longer holiday.  

The 1.5hr Krishna Farm Tour, offered by your host Bharat, will allow you to see this special place through the eyes of a devoted member of our community, who lives and breathes the Krishna Farm lifestyle and has been following this spiritual path for many years.

You will get to:

Visit and feed our beautiful Sacred Cows 

Have a walk through the organic gardens

Explore our exquisite Radha Govardhandhari temple

Try delicious vegetarian food (prasadam)

Receive an introduction to our ancient meditation practices

Bookings and cost

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

Krishna Farm Tours are available to individual guests and larger groups likewise - it's all a matter of organising the details of the experience you would like to create.

Rates are as follows

Adults: $10/person

Children under 10yo: $5/person

Krishna Village Retreat Guests: Free of charge


Make a booking

Call Bharat on 0490 669 075


In case you would like to stay longer, we can host up to 75 people at the Krishna Village in a combination of single and twin share rooms, and camping spots. All rooms have shared amenities. The amenities block includes showers, toilets and a coin operated laundry (byo laundry powder).

Common areas include the kitchen & campfire area (the heart of the Krishna Village), the reading room (with Internet hotspot) and the yoga hall where we gather for classes. 

In case you are interested to stay, please have a look at our retreat stays.


“I went on a one week retreat expecting to do some yoga and relax. What I got was a profound spiritual awakening , on a piece of property that could be the garden of Eden. The retreat sits just at the bottom of the majestic mountain which houses the temple. With fruit and nut trees scattered all of the property one can never go hungry. (...) What is really special about this place is how you are welcomed and embraced into a family of strangers who work together to create the absolute haven. (...) I have never felt more at home.”
— Candice P, Sydney
“The spirit of the land here is tangible; a calmness, peace, and feeling of ultimate goodness pervades the atmosphere, and seeps onto your bones.This is a place where the radiant, abundant nature of life is beautifully expressed, in all it’s beauty and simplicity.The perfect place to leave the world behind and come home to yourself.You can heal yourself.
— Lili, Melbourne
“I came for a one week yoga retreat to get away from city life. All the staff were really friendly and had a great warmth to them. (...) I really enjoyed the location being on the cusp of rain forest and the sounds of the beautiful birds in the morning. The surrounding farmlands and friendly cows also added so much to the experience. The food was also amazing and I came out of it feeling as light as a feather.
— Ben W.

Weekly Tours


3pm - Meeting point: Krishna Village reception


3pm - Meeting point: Krishna Village reception


Flexible dates and times can be arranged upon request.

Call Bharat on 0490 669 075

Your Tour Guide

Bharat headshot round 1.png

Bharat Devnani

Originally from India, our team member Bharat has made it his purpose to make people feel welcome and engaged at the Krishna Village and the Krishna Farm at large.

His kind and open nature and dry sense of humour allow him to make even complex topics easily understandable and enjoyable to explore.

The Krishnafarm Tours are his special pet project, following his passion to introduce people to our daily practices and routines. His special focus lies on getting guests close up with our Sacred Cows, for a feed, a cuddle and some information about ahimsa (non violent) farming. Secondly, he is a great tour guide to have when exploring the Radha Govardhandhari temple and our kirtan and chanting meditations.

Feel free to ask him any questions you might have - he will either discuss them with you or connect you to one of our spiritual teachers or team members.

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