Business Development Manager Henrike Schreer

Being born in the GDR (Communist Eastern Germany) and growing up in both East and West Germany, Henrike learned early that the main constant factor in her life was change and evolution. After years of volunteer work in her Lutheran congregation, she left to study Political Science, Public Law and Spanish and enjoy an adventurous side job as a tour guide in Paris, Portugal and Spain through her early 20s. She eventually settled down, had her son Max, and worked for Germany's most successful tech startup at the time, studiVZ. In 2010, she followed her then husband to Australia for his career, which gave her the chance to re-evaluate her life path and dedicate the following years to immerse herself in studying Life Coaching and NLP.

She eventually came across the path of Bhakti Yoga when visiting the Krishna Farm in 2012 and had an immediate sense of 'coming home'. After moving to the area, she has been focusing on co-creating the retreat side of Krishna Village and co-managing it for several years, using her business and marketing skills to grow it from a volunteer community to a successful retreat centre. Her main focus is on expanding the Centre for Yogic Studies so it can offer even more amazing courses and certifications and reach a broader audience. She runs weekly Life Coaching classes at the Krishna Village and contributes a range of classes on leadership and business skills to the Yoga Teacher Training.

In addition, she offers 1:1 personal and business coaching sessions where she blends modern techniques like NLP and assessment tools like E-DISC and the Values Pendulumâ„¢ with elements of the ancient Indian wisdom tradition of the Vedas. Her insightful coaching approach has allowed hundreds of clients to release self imposed limitations and tap into their full potential.

Henrike's credentials in a nutshell

  • Masters degree in Political Science, Public (German) Law and Spanish 
  • Diploma in Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute (TCI) in Melbourne
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified 'Values Pendulum' facilitator
  • Certified E-DISC practitioner
  • Cert IV in Business
  • Co-created Krishna Village retreat centre and centre for yogic studies, main focus on business development, marketing and PR
  • Available or interviews in German, English and Spanish

Expertise for interviews

  • Bhakti Business: Running a successful, ethical, sustainable business based on yogic principles
  • Life Coaching, NLP and Personal Development, blended with ancient yoga principles
  • PR and Marketing
  • Startup 1:1 for heart centred businesses
  • Juggling business and life as a single mum
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Recent interviews/ podcasts

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