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Fionn Quinlan has close to thirty years experience in working with the land and the learning processes associated with it. He was raised on the North Coast of NSW. Between surfing, fishing and school, Fionn worked on his parents 72 acre cattle farm. 

Throughout his twenties, Fionn studied music, education, international development and travelled the world as an alternative and sustainable educator working with various international and grassroots non-governmental organisations.

More recently, Fionn has worked and volunteered on a number of permaculture projects in the UK and Australia, working and studying alongside some of Permaculture's pioneers including Graham Bell, Robyn Francis, David Spicer, Geoff Lawton and David Holmgren. He obtained his PDC certificate with Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna farm in 2015, and is now working with his life partner Laura, to convert a degraded cow pasture in the Northern NSW sub-tropical village 'The Channon' into a fully functioning and abundant permaculture farm; Djaning.

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