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Thank you for enquiring about our full immersion Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at the Krishna Village Centre for Yogic Studies. Making a commitment of time and money and most importantly a commitment to YOURSELF is a big decision. So we have collected the most common questions our prospective teacher trainees have asked – have a look through and feel free to get in contact about anything else that’s on your mind. Our graduates are happy to have a chat with you, too, if you want to speak to someone who has already taken the journey. Namaste!


The Krishna Village YTT runs over 1.5 months, but I’ve seen 200hr training courses that are heaps shorter, why is this one so long?

 Many other courses are shorter, some as brief as 12 days. For those, the majority of the work for the 200 hours qualification is done remotely. We believe that this doesn’t give you the best chance at experiencing teaching in a supported environment, growing as a yogi over a period of time as you integrate the learning, and using the power of a group of like minded souls sharing the same journey with you.

Our YTT is designed for a fully immersed experience where you are living the complete yogic lifestyle, which involves far more than just asana postures. It includes practicing meditation and pranayama, understanding Ayurveda and nutrition, reading the classic texts of yogic masters, singing Kirtan and doing karma yoga work. All these practices are part of a holistic yoga experience and will benefit and inspire not only you, but also your future students.


I’m not very flexible/bendy/slim/experienced/fit/young will I be able to do the YTT?

With all of the media and images of yoga out in the public domain, you’d be forgiven for thinking that yoga was only done by aspiring Victoria’s Secret models with a circus background. Yoga is literally for every body, and as one of the fastest growing pastimes globally, there are as wide a variety of students and teachers are there are bodies and people. To get the most out of the YTT we like you to have your own practice established, but you will ultimately do and teach the kind of yoga that suits you and your future students.

All postures can be modified to suit a range of ability, and you will learn how to safely work with all body types – including your own. Many of the best yoga teachers have come to yoga to heal an injury, and understanding the frustration of physical limitations is a bonus for being able to teach empathetically. If you have the desire to be a yoga teacher, and the commitment to give the course your best, you will have an amazing and transformative experience, which is right for your body. Feel free to contact us if you have particular injuries or concerns that you want to discuss.


What kind of experience do the teachers have who are leading the YTT?

Lila Kirtana is an internationally experienced Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher with over a decade of teaching experience. She is a committed bhakti yogi with a love of sharing the joy of yoga with the world. Lila leads the teacher training supported by a team of yoga teachers. Lila is also a talented Kirtan singer and performs regularly with her band ‘Enchanted’.

Madreya Das is a dedicated yogi and has been studying yogic philosophy in Australia and India for over 20 years. He has a unique way of making the ancient yogic texts accessible and applicable to our modern lives and teaches the yoga philosophy and mindfulness sections of the course. Madreya was certified as a yoga teacher a decade ago and has since set up several yoga retreat centres and run Australia’s largest yoga festival. He is the co-director of the Krishna Village and coordinates the Karma Yoga aspect of the training.

Henrike Schreer is a sought after life coach and NLP master practitioner who is a co-director of Krishna Village as well as delivering the business training and life coaching for the YTT. Henrike has had a rich and diverse career in a number of countries before deciding to settle in Australia. A road trip holiday with a stop over at the Krishna Village changed her life, and she moved to the area to help bring the Centre for Yogic Studies dream into reality.

 For more information about the teaching staff, visit our Yoga Teacher Training web page.


How much teaching experience will I get over the length of the YTT? 

One of the unique features of the Krishna Village YTT is that you begin your teaching journey from day 1 of the course. As a trainee, you will be supported in a safe and nurturing environment to learn and grow into your own unique teaching style. As Krishna Village runs two public yoga classes a day, the opportunity to teach a diverse range of people and skills over the 7 week period gives you a significant advantage over most other 200hr Yoga Teacher Training courses. Once you have completed the Krishna Village YTT you will have many hours of actual live teaching under your belt, and be confident to share your teaching in any studio or 1:1 situation.


I heard you teach classes from the second week, I’m not sure I’ll be ready to teach so soon…

 As a trainee, you are supported by our experienced staff all along and will start by teaching a single posture alongside your trainer in a gentle early morning class. You won’t be asked to do any teaching before you are deemed to be ready, and all teaching is discussed and debriefed as a key part of your growth as a teacher. There is plenty of practice before you get in front of a class, and this process of slow, mentored instruction means that your confidence is right alongside you when you get to the teaching assessment tasks at the end of the course.


I’m not sure I want to be a teacher, is the YTT course for me?

Many people undertake YTT to deepen their own yoga practice and really understand the holistic yoga lifestyle. Often during the course they realise that their love of yoga is also about sharing the practice and helping others to experience the calm and serenity that yoga brings to their lives. The act of giving yourself the time and space over a period of weeks to practice asana, pranayama and meditation, eat well, sleep well and be part of a spiritual community is a massive investment in your own personal development. You will definitely experience a lot of personal growth, no matter what profession or career you are in, and as a bonus will have a yoga teaching qualification if you want to use it.


Is this an internationally recognised qualification?

The Krishna Village Centre for Yogic Studies 200hr YTT course is recognised by Yoga Alliance (YA) which is an international certifying body. Once you have finished the YTT you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance at your own expense.


What is the Karma Yoga work about?

 Karma yoga is the act of undertaking work as a selfless service - you are contributing without any desire for personal or material gain. Working with love and devotion – bringing your inner yogi to every task you perform – is applying your theoretical knowledge of yogic philosophy to create a happy and healthy yogic lifestyle. That might mean working in the massive organic vege gardens of the Krishna farm, looking after the cows, making delicious Jeeva Juice, helping with construction, working up at the temple kitchen cutting veges for the famous Sunday feast or sharing your particular skillset where it’s needed. As you are doing your Karma yoga, you will meet a variety of volunteers and travellers who are staying at the village for the lifestyle and serenity and form close friendships that last beyond your time here.

From a practical point of view, the Karma Yoga work also subsidises the cost of your course. As you might have noticed, YTT at the Krishna Village is by far the most affordable option in Australia, as it includes accommodation and food for 1.5 months. That’s possible mainly because you contribute not only financially, but also through your hands-on work. If you find this to be too challenging and need more rest, or have other (study) commitments you need to dedicate time to, you can let us know and instead make a financial contribution of $150/week to make up for the work hours.


Do I have to become a Hare Krishna to do the YTT? I’m not really religious.

The Krishna Village is part of the larger ISKCON community farm New Govardhana, which also includes a temple, 2 ashrams, a school and a cow protection program. As part of this spiritual ashram environment, we ask that you adhere to our Code of Conduct while you are here. This involves abstaining from alcohol, meat, tobacco and drugs, observing quiet times after 9pm, and dressing appropriately when up at the temple for meals. We ask all our guests to be tolerant and open-minded towards other spiritual paths and encourage everyone to pursue and deepen their own spirituality if that is part of their journey, but there is no requirement to have any religious or spiritual affiliation. The course content, however, is based around the traditional texts of yogic philosophy such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita, which are core reading for all YTT certifications nationally.


How do I find work once I’ve gotten my YTT certification, do you help with that?

Life coaching and business development are part of the Krishna Village course, as we recognise that it isn’t enough just to create good yoga teachers, we need to equip you with the skills to market yourself, understand your brand, your unique selling point, and how to be competitive in the market whether setting up your own studio, or working for someone else. These are dynamic transferrable skills for life that help with your career and personal development, and give you choices to live a life you love and get paid for it. When you complete your YTT with Krishna Village you will have the confidence and tools you need to understand the business of yoga and the yoga of business.


Do I need to be a vegetarian to do the YTT course?

Krishna Village strongly supports the notion of ahimsa (non violence) as one of the aspects of yogic living, seeing animals as beings with souls just like humans. Meat, fish and eggs are therefore not allowed onto the grounds of the Krishna Village or ashram, and while you are undertaking your YTT you will be supplied with 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day including a raw food lunch to support your healthy yogic lifestyle. It is your choice as to how you choose to eat outside of the YTT, however many yogis adopt vegetarianism as they progress in their commitment to yoga and begin to shift their awareness about their interconnectedness with the world.


The YTT sounds like a lot of work, is there free time to relax?

The Krishna Village YTT is structured to give you the right balance of practical learning, karma yoga and physical activities, structured and self study time and free time to explore the surrounds, head to the beach, or read a book in a hammock. You will need to prepare for the assessment tasks needed to be a competent and safe yoga teacher, which is factored in to your daily schedule. There is one full day off a week, and usually one free weekend mid course. One of the many benefits of an immersion course like ours is that you don’t have to do relentless 12 hour days and then work remotely without a break – instead, you can work at a steady pace with plenty of time and space to absorb and integrate your learnings.


What are the accommodation options?

You can choose your own adventure when it comes to accommodation at the Krishna Village, from camping (or glamping) and powered sites for vans, to dorm accommodation (4-share) or Twin share and  Single rooms in one of our awesome converted shipping container residences. Prices and availability vary (first in, best dressed!), with early bird discounts applying. Shared toilet and bathroom facilities service all guests, plus laundry facilities and a newly renovated well-stocked community kitchen with camp fire and pizza oven. You can eat at the temple and enjoy our raw food offerings, or pick organic veges from the garden and cook your own food.


I’m a traveller and my English language skill is pretty basic, will that be a problem?

To get the most out of this course you need a reasonable command of English, such that you can clearly instruct a class of beginners in English so it is safe and understandable, read complex text in English and hold philosophical conversations and discussions. If this sounds like it might be above your capacity feel free to discuss with us.


Are there only Yoga teacher trainees at the Village, or who else will I meet there?

The Krishna Village is an eco yoga community and retreat centre with a vibrant and diverse community of travellers, locals and residents who come looking for a gentle and serene experience on a working organic farm within an established spiritual community. We welcome guests from all over the world, and plenty of Aussie’s join the Krishna Village family as they explore their own country (and themselves). Many travellers come and work as volunteers in exchange for accommodation (and because they get amazing vegetarian food plus free yoga twice a day) and others pop in for a weekend of rest and nurture before they get back to their busy lives. You’ll be spending time with your YTT crew as well as the bigger community of volunteers and retreat guests, plus the yogis and devotees from the farm.

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