Krishna Village General Manager Damodar Govinda

As our general manager, Damodar is in charge of the overall wellbeing of Krishna Village, both as a community and as a business. He also oversees the staff and connects the different departments of the Krishna Village and the Krishna Farm with the helpers they need. From harvesting in the gardens to cleaning the bathrooms, cooking in the kitchen or landscaping the retreat area, he is a multi-tasker with a great eye for aesthetics and practical use of space. 

Originally from Italy, his background is in agriculture and quality management for bigger corporations. After getting tired of his 9-5 job, he travelled to Sydney where he met the Krishna devotees and enthusiastically delved into his spiritual journey. After initiation by his spiritual master Radhanath swami, he managed the Italian project "Villa Vrindavana", before he moved to Australia to complete his 200hr yoga teacher training and join the Krishna Village management team. It is largely due to his passion for topics like permaculture and syntropic gardening that Krishna Village has started running permaculture and syntropic farming courses and is transitioning the gardens step by step to these intelligent farming techniques.

Damodar's credentials in a nutshell

  • Diploma of Agriculture

  • Diploma in 'Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems'

  • Bachelor degree 'Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques'

  • Available for interviews in English and Italian

  • Ongoing management of a volunteer team of 25-40 people

Expertise for interviews

  • Permaculture, Syntropic Farming and transition to these systems

  • Organic / Sustainable Agriculture

  • Volunteer Management

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Favourite Courses

Permaculture Design Course: 2 weeks of full immersion into permaculture whilst immersed in a yogic and vegetarian environment.

Syntropic Farming weekend course with Thiago Barboza

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