People of Krishna Village: Retreat Guest Cheryl from Tasmania

‘People of Krishna Village’ introduces you to a few of our guests, their background, experiences here, and insights. Interviews by our Social Media superstar Laura Wilkes…

Name: Cheryl

Age: 40+

Nationality: Southern Tasmania

Stay: Retreat Guest (1 week)

Retreat Guest Cheryl.jpg

How did you find out about Krishna Village?

On Instagram


What made you decide to come?

My children have all left home and I needed a place where I could rediscover myself.

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 Did Krishna Village meet your expectations?

It offered so much more than I had expected. I’m never going to be the same again!


Was there a turning point in your stay?

I felt like a fish out water when I first got here and it threw me. I was uncomfortable, kept thinking ‘these aren’t my people, what am I doing here?” And now, a week later, and all I keep thinking is: ‘this place is so damn cool’. I don’t know if there was an exact point but I’ve had a complete 360 turn. I have a new perception of life.


What makes Krishna Village unique?

In an ironic way what makes Krishna Village unique is that the environment is confronting – not aggressive (!) but it brings up a lot of feelings and emotions within yourself. I really did want to run away and hide at first because everyone here is so open and I wasn’t used to it. Now, looking back, I can see that everyone is open because this place celebrates the magic and individuality of everybody. You just need to relax, go with it and let go.


Do you have a magical moment from your stay?

This whole stay has been full of magical moments. I’ve been opened up to a new way of thinking. I’ve met people from all different walks of life, from all over the world, and it’s taught me that I don’t have to conform. I used to worry that people would judge me but here I have realised that no one does – I put that fear on myself and I am going to work on letting that go.  


What will you take away with you?

I was an uptight workaholic but I’m going to return home and reduce my hours so I have more time for myself. I have learnt that there’s more to life and that I need to start putting myself first. Being here has taught me that it’s ok to be me. Oh, and I am removing “should / need to / must” from my vocabulary too. I am starting a new chapter.

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