People of Krishna Village: Karma Yogi Laura

Name: Laura

Age: 30

Nationality:  British

Stay Type: Karma Yoga


Why did you come to Krishna Village?

I was hoping to meet like-minded people and find some space to check-in with myself away from social expectations, judgment and my busy, distracting and demanding life.

Did you have any intentions coming?

I wanted to use the time at Krishna Village to educate myself on the yogic way of life and see it being carried out.


Did Krishna Village meet your expectations?

It offers so more than I could have even imagined. It’s a space to reconnect and practice yoga but it’s not yoga as we all know. Krishna Village offers the chance to truly live the yogic lifestyle rather than just the physical asana practice. The yoga, seminars, Kirtan, workshops, meditation, sustainability and learning opportunities have opened my heart and mind more than I thought possible.



Was there a turning point in your stay?

When I first arrived I didn’t think this was the place for me. It is not the typical yoga retreat and I felt out of my comfort zone but I was here, so I challenged myself to stay. About three days in – six yoga classes, three kirtans, three yogic seminars and so many inspiring heart felt conversation later – I completely softened and let go of judgements. In one of the life coaching talks I heard “you only grow when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations” and that has stuck with me ever since. I was meant to stay for a week and ended up staying for three… I think that says it all!


What makes Krishna Village unique?

The community and the people it attracts. Every conversation I have had has been fuelled with knowledge, passion and inspiration. I have learnt so much about myself and the world from Krishna Village – and that’s all from the people here. Plus, you wake up, walk to yoga and already five people have said good morning or smiled at you – miles away from my commuter life in London.



Do you have a magical moment from your stay?

I’d been suffering from loneliness after living in a busy city for nearly a decade and have always known how important people and communities are to me. There was one day in my stay where I felt so connected to everyone and everything. I saw people I genuinely really liked on my walk to yoga, at breakfast, at lunch, whilst walking around the lake, at yoga, pottering around the Village and my day so was full of love and complete contentment. 


What will you take away with you?

The yogic way of life. As a yoga teacher I’ve become obsessed with learning more about yogic philosophy and how it can be used to empower more people to make good, heart-felt decisions in their everyday life. I’ve been to every seminar that was offered, chanted, Om’d and fully embraced the side of yoga that the modern world seems to have forgotten about. And, I’ll be taking away the feeling of equality, sharing and happiness that I have felt here.


For more details on Laura’s type of stays, please visit our web page about Karma Yoga.

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