People of Krishna Village: Karma Yogi Duncan

‘People of Krishna Village’ introduces you to a few of our guests, their background, experiences here, and insights. Interviews by our Social Media superstar Laura Wilkes…

Name: Duncan 

Age: 29 

Nationality:  Australian 

Stay Type: Karma Yoga

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How did you find out about KV?

My Sister had heard about it and recommended it.


Why did you come to Krishna Village?

I had some time off in-between starting a PhD so I wanted to relax and enjoy myself whilst being able to give back in readymade community where it would be easy to meet great people. The Karma Yoga program is great for this.


Did you have any intentions when coming?

I wanted to learn more about sustainable living and farming, as well as try yoga and connect to new people.

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Did Krishna Village meet your expectations?

It exceeded them - my secret to happiness is low expectations! Be curious. You’ll be rewarded. 


Was there a turning point in your stay?

I have felt so happy and content here every day since day 1 and it’s just got better from there. The people and all the strong connections I’ve made added to the stay and made me never want to leave. You meet someone in the morning and the beauty is that you don’t need to get someone’s number to arrange to meet up later, they are around and you eat then hang out at the camp fire. I didn’t need my phone once!


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What makes Krishna Village unique?

It’s a unique place because you have a range of complementary communities working all living together in harmony on the same acreage. There are retreat guests, yoga teacher training students, volunteers, the Krishna Village team, devotees, the locals & the farm. Everyone overlaps, engages with each other and lives together. It’s a big shared living space and it works! At meal times, everyone comes together to eat communally, which bonds the whole place. And there are so many opportunities to learn from the range of beautiful people here. It’s really cool! I think of it as a social sustenance hole for so many different types of people all coming together with a shared vision of raising the vibrations of the world.

Do you have a magical moment from your stay?

Like loads! The top ones I can think of are:

1.     I loved discovering about Syntropic farming and learning about what it is, see it in action and getting the opportunity to chat to the guy who has brought it over to Australia.

2.     Working a few shifts at the temple. Doing simple tasks like cutting veg whilst listening to mantra music and learning about Bhakti philosophy.

3.     Practising Yoga twice a day, it was the absolute jam!

4.     Seeing fireflies every night under the stars

5.     An afternoon chilling at massage rocks just down the road from Krishna Village


What will you take away with you?

Feeling super revitalised and happy

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