Holistic Health: Life Coaching with Henrike

Life coaching - not your average class to be offered at an Eco Village... but why? We all need some guidance from time to time, even if we think we are on the right track. For this reason, every Friday afternoon Krishna Village director Henrike holds a class on life coaching which is accessible to all guests. Coming from a varied background in political science, tourism, startups and communications, Henrike completed her diploma in life coaching five years ago, in the middle of a major crisis and shift in her own personal life. She shares, “I can't imagine anything more rewarding than helping people get (back) on track with their lives, step into their power and be their best selves. In that, I think, I have been my own best client.” She elaborates that the key to her success was “taking 100% responsibility for everything I have in my life right now, knowing that I can change it, if I choose to apply myself. That feeling of choice and conscious creation has been a massive game changer, and all that I've done since - in my private life, as a coach, as a mother and in running the Krishna Village - has been shaped by this insight.”

When she's not teaching, you will most likely find Henrike at the Krishna Village reception 

When she's not teaching, you will most likely find Henrike at the Krishna Village reception 

We get by with a little help from our friends

The classes span a variety of topics, a recent one covering leadership: Who do you want to be and how can you grow into being this person? Through a series of thought provoking solo tasks and group discussions, we came away with some actionable steps to help us on the ladder to our own personal goals. Another recent class targeted ‘living and teaching with the outcome in mind’, helping us to be clear with intention setting and identify where we are in reality versus our ideal outcome. While these classes are of course useful for everyone, they form part of the program for yoga teacher training, equipping future thought leaders and small business owners with some essential business savvy.

No time like the present

When it comes to living your truth and your dreams, Henrike only has one piece of advice: “Go do it! - No, really... there's nothing more rewarding than living in alignment with who you truly are, and your unique capabilities. We are all souls with certain gifts and talents, strengths and challenges. So rather than trying to fit into a box that society has created, get to know yourself on a deeper level and find where your sweet spot lies, your flow. And then do more of that - as a hobby or as a job. No money or external riches can make up for the feeling of living against your grain - but once you live your truth, you actually don't need much else. Everything else becomes a bonus.”


So come along to the next life coaching class and take one step closer to living your truth.

To enquire about 1:1 coaching sessions, please contact Henrike via info@krishnavillage-retreat.com

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