Week Four YTT Diary

Moving in to week four has been a shock to the system. The initial ecstatic energy of beginning the course has finally shifted in to something much deeper. Yoga is working its magic on all of us as we unearth beliefs holding us back, pain that we have stored away in the body and memories and emotions that we were not fully aware we are holding on to. It’s been a rollercoaster of a week - ending with the only two consecutive days we have off during the course.

I’m ready for a night away from the Village in the regard of solitude - I’ve decided to take the two nights and grab a hotel on the Gold Coast for a mini holiday while Krishna Village holds their popular Balinese Intuitive Massage course here over the weekend. It will be lovely to have some time alone, with a book and the beach, but I am SO grateful for this incredible opportunity to feel all the feelings without the easy escapism that I have in ‘normal’ life (queue chocolate therapy and distracting myself with other tasks - here it’s beautiful to sit and digest the emotions that stir up the soul.)

We taught three classes this week, the biggest ‘workload’ we’ve been faced with so far. We have all grown so much in so little time - as people and as teachers. I can see in others the confidence rising, and the connection to myself that I engage with when I’m teaching. It takes trust, devotion and self-love, and what a perfect environment to be living in to feel fully supported in the metamorphosis we are undertaking. I believe every one of us had a breakthrough moment this week. We busted through beliefs that no longer serve us, figured out our long-time cycles and patterns that hold us back or frame us in, and came out the other side shining like the sun.

I feel stronger, better, wholesome. These qualities are coming through my teaching as I find my groove up there on the mat, feeling more comfortable in my skin and armed with all the knowledge I could ever need on the yogic practice itself. This training is not only learning to become a yoga instructor, it’s an experimental exploration of the self. Collectively, we are beaming and ready to rock the next three weeks with full illuminated immersion!

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