Karma Yoga


Karma Yoga is part of the fabric that makes the Krishna Village a community. But what is Karma yoga and why is it so important? Karma yoga is also known as ‘seva’ or selfless service, it’s the dedication of an individual to an activity that is purely for the sake of giving, and is, from a spiritual perspective, a way of giving love and devotion through the act of doing.


There is plenty of doing in so many areas of the Krishna Village, that whatever the skills and interests of our guests, there is somewhere to fit perfectly, whether its in the garden surrounded by lush organic vegetables, making fresh juices in the Jeeva Juice Bar, preparing the raw food lunch that feeds everyone, caring for the doe eyed cows of the village, helping to build one of the many projects happening around the place, or lending your skills to the management team. That’s a whole lot of love right there!


By working a few hours a day in karma yoga, you get the benefit of having your stay in Krishna Village significantly subsidised, but you also get to experience the deep joy and satisfaction that comes from giving. Only a small part of yoga actually happens on the yoga mat, and karma yoga is a great example of how you can start bringing the essence of the teaching of yoga into so many aspects of your lived experience. 


Just imagine, you can take the attitude of karma yoga into all activities, fill them with love and the intention of each act being in service to something bigger that you. This mindset can really shift things you find to be a chore into an expression of grace.


While working on their karma yoga activities, guests at Krishna Village work in teams that quickly bond together to become little karma yoga families, sharing the work, (and the fun) while getting to know each other and share their culture and life experiences. That’s what makes Krishna Village such a special and unique place to come and spend a week – or as long as you like.

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