What's the go with OM?


Have you ever practiced yoga with certain teachers that open and close their classes with the chanting of ‘om’ and wondered ‘what’s the deal?’

Perhaps you’ve spotted the symbol tattooed on spiritually-minded people or plastered on bumper stickers…

OM has no literal translation as it is the all-encompassing vibration that the Universe resides upon. 

When we chant om, we connect with all that is. The vibrational harmonic ignites the energy channels throughout the body and awakens the relationship between our personal life-force to the divine.

 The intention for chanting Om in a class situation is the union of collective energy in order to create a sacred space for yoga and meditation practice. 

The mantra begins in the heart centre, and as we mouth each syllable, the energy shifts within the body where you will be able to feel the vibrational resonance. Exhaling completely, take an inhalation and make a long, audible sound to A-U-M, enunciating each letter as distinct parts of the mantra. Enjoy a moments silence after the chanting of Om to feel the stillness you have created, the divine connection, absorbing the true essence of the mantra. 

Om shanti shanti shanti 


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