The power of setting a sankalpa (intention)

Where our attention goes, energy flows. When we get intentional, life getssensational! Sankalpa is a sanskrit word meaning an idea or conception formed from the heart, with the will to follow through with our desire. 

The yoga tradition offers this beautiful alternative to creating goals - this ‘resolve’ is more about realising we are already all that we need to be to fulfil our life path (dharma.) Through yoga, meditation, pranayama and other focused practices we can channel our energy within to connect to our heartfelt desires and use sankalpa to manifest our resolutions. 

A sankalpa is a vow that we create for ourselves often at the beginning of a yoga class or yoga nirdra (guided meditation), but it’s true meaning in the yogic tradition is that it comes from the depths of your soul purpose. It is a reflection of your deeper truth, a reminder to our earthy selves of what we really are and what we are here to do or be. The statement comes from a calm and meditative state, where we can truly listen to our inner selves and ask what it is that we need. From here, we commit to dedicating our practice to fulfilling the intention and flow through our asanas, supported by purpose. 

Your sankalpa is already waiting for you to realise it, it’s not something you need to go on a serious soul-search to find, but it does require setting aside sacred time to quiet the mind to allow its reveal.

How to discover your SANKALPA:

+ Create sacred space, whatever this means to you. Soft lighting, music, lighting a candle, chanting a mantra. 

+ Get comfortable. Sit with your spine lengthened or lie in savasana. 

+ Breathe easy. Practice a pranayama breathing exercise or take some slow, deep conscious breaths. 

+ Welcome your inner self to the surface and be willing to accept whatever arises. The truth comes easily if we get out of the way of ourselves and recognise the difference between the desires of our soul and the wants of our ego.

There is quite an obvious separation between our conditioned mind and the deeper yearning of our souls longing to be at peace. It’s not only WHAT intention you set, but the exploration of WHY it came up for you.

In your personal yogic/spiritual practices you can try these sankalpa’s on for size until you uncover the treasure of your own:

“I am filled with divine compassion.”

“I am whole, calm and loving.”

“I  am a positive force for the evolution of others.”

Play and experiment with intentions until one feels snug like well-fitting yoga pants. It will find you!



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