Week Five YTT Diary

Wow, what an intense week! Jam packed full of incredible content and lots of new experiences, the course is still surprising us and keeping us all on our toes! We explored sequencing yoga classes further, chanted a whole round of the gayatri mantra and had a visit from Lila’s mentor and yoga therapist Maria to experience a yoga class with applied anatomy and physiology to see all of the knowledge come to life on the mat. We felt the ecstasy of a laughing yoga class, the connection and creativity of partner yoga, as well as our first introduction to a kirtan vinyasa class where we chant mantra whilst moving through poses.

I’m learning so much at this stage of the course, its amazing my head hasn’t exploded (I suppose thats why we meditate daily.) I’m feeling super strong in my physical body, comfortable with the asana practice and enjoying integrating a self practice in to the evenings to wind down my rajas (excessive passion energy in the three modes of nature.) We are all moving forward as a group, there is definitely a shift in confidence levels and teaching ability that is obvious to students, with many of the Krishna Village guests giving valuable positive feedback.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all energy in the bodies of our teacher trainees, with a few down and out this week with a cold. Luckily we live in a place where all-day kitchari (ayuvedic nutrition powerhouse) access is granted, with ginger and limes that come straight out of the garden to make healing tea! It’s a beautiful mix of rest and fun this week, and I feel so at home. We are one big family and it’s unreal to watch the togetherness unfold as we take care of each other through the tricky moments. Here’s to another wonderful week!

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