Power of Voice - let yourself shine!

Imagine the first week of 2017: You are brimming with renewed energy, fresh intentions and an eagerness to embark upon the next 12 months, prepared this time not only with your innate wisdom and experience, but fully connected to yourself and your voice from a soulful place. Here you are, allowing yourself to shine. You open you mouth and...


Based upon the ancient practices of nada or sound yoga, Carmella Gitanjali Baynie, our dear friend and world renowned singer, performer and voice coach, is using a range of activities to allow the participants of her Power of Voice retreat on 6-8 January 2017 to really connect with their voice. She explains, “At the retreat, we connect to our breath and do a lot of exploring: from a high pitched to a low register, experiencing loudness and softness, partnering off and playing fun games, group sounding etc…” A key element of her work is to give people permission and tools to really allow sound to come out of their body and not be alarmed by the results. “Creating an environment to discuss things, and be prepared to look and sound silly, giving yourself permission to make crazy sounds... to think ‘Wow, my voice can do more than I thought it could!' - you can really find your voice in that space. In society we often don't get opportunities to really let our voice go, apart from at a rock concert or a footy match. It’s very much needed and necessary to get together and roar!”

Empower your dream

The Power of Voice retreat spans 2.5 days, beginning with an introduction, voice breakthrough session, intention setting and gentle mantra meditation before moving through a variety of activities leading towards an optional performance finale. There is lots of guidance before the big event, when those taking part can share with the group the piece they have chosen to work on. This does not necessarily have to be something musical - participants are encouraged to bring whatever they feel comfortable sharing, be it a poem, presentation, song or soliloquy. Despite the notion of performance being daunting for some, Carmella shares that the performance environment will be a relaxed one, a safe space where people “have the opportunity to empower their dream” and share their voice with others if they wish.

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Everyone can sing

Aimed at everyone, there are absolutely no pre-requisites for joining, a musical background is not preferential. For those lacking confidence, Carmella encourages, “Singing is natural. We are all born to sing! We all come out making noises as babies if we are healthy. No one teaches us how to do it.” Singing and expressing ourselves vocally is an invaluable tool, and one which will facilitate growth and self development whatever your field.

As well as guaranteeing a real personal breakthrough moment, the retreat experience allows you to “take home a wonderful step by step procedure for a better relationship with your voice for years to come, with practices to employ anytime.” A fully immersive and transformative experience, the Power of Voice retreat is the perfect way to embark upon a new year and a new chapter in life.

For details and bookings, visit the Power of Voice info page.


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