Fusion Acupressure Method - Welcome and Course Schedule

Dear friends,

I feel honoured and excited that you are considering to join us for this unique and rich practitioner training. The Fusion Acupressure Method is more than just learning energy healing - it is a personal journey for you to develop your healing tools, experience the magic of acupressure and integrate these skills for your personal and professional practice.

I began my training in acupressure when I was 14 years old and it both changed and shaped my life. Learning how to support our friends, family and clients at the tip of our finger, is a gift I am passionate about teaching, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

The rich journey of healing is not only for the benefit of the clients. Each workshop takes you deeper into your own shadow beliefs, blocks and resistance in life and in the body so that you can make empowering new choices. I have taught this workshop in Canada, Australia and Hawaii and the students are always overcome by how much they get out of the training. Some have been acupuncturists building confidence and skill, some have gone on to study massage, and some are mothers. They have all developed invaluable tools to take care of others and their own inner health.  

Much love and see you soon,




Please feel free to email me anytime if you have questions of queries via: email@adriaellis.com. For questions regarding payment or accommodation, please contact Krishna Village.  

What to bring

Wear comfortable clothing 

Water bottle

Note pad + pen

Curriculum overview

Day 1. Clearing the Conscious – The Mask

Learn points on the face, neck and shoulders to ease tension, release headaches, clear the mind and deepen relaxation

Day 2. Letting Go – Metal Element

Learn about the Lung & Large Intestine Meridian, pressure points & Qi Gong posture to support opening and letting go

Day 3. Grounding – Earth Element

Discover the nurturing quality of the Stomach and Spleen meridian, the Qi Gong postures and open to self worth and the mother archetype

Day 4. Open to Joy – Fire Element

Learn the Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heater and Pericardium pathways, thier pressure points and Qi Gong postures to improve presence, calm the mind and invite love

Day 5. Will to become – Water Element

Enjoy the supportive quality of the Bladder and Kidney meridian and the power of Qi Gong as you learn the power of trust, will and resolve.

Day 6. Benevolence – Wood Element

The Liver and Gallbladder meridian inspire doing, manifesting and harmonise anger. Discover Qi Gong postures and the power of these pressure points in session to harmonise and balance Qi.

Please note this training is presented in the format of a combination of lectures, demonstration, practices (such as gentle Qi Gong and breathing exercises), group interactive work and some homework.

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